Fall Award Requirements

Who can apply?

Potential entrepreneurs, who reside in Boston and want to start a business in a local neighborhood, are encouraged to apply for a $10,000 “seed money” award.

In addition, business owners who are in their first year of operation and need the additional “bootstrap” funds to expand, will also be eligible for the awards. Those owners, however, must have at least one additional employee besides themselves, or want to expand by hiring one or more employees.

Which areas of Boston can apply?

Eligibility has expanded to include residents from all of Boston’s neighborhoods.

Deadline for Applications

The submission deadline has been extended to October 28th, 2016. We must receive your “Business Idea Submission Form” by midnight on this date.


Important Dates


The deadline for submissions has closed. Please stay tuned for our next call for submissions.


How to Submit your Idea

You can choose to submit your idea directly online using our online form or download the form and email it to us.

If you use the online form, you cannot save the information, so we suggest that you write your answers down in a safe place first.



WORD Format – and send to submissions@heartank.org

Good luck!