Boston_ There are been some very exciting and delicious new changes coming from Heartank’s (pronounced heart tank) first award recipient Collette Divitto and her business venture, ‘Collettey’s Cookies’.

Heartank, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2016 by Contemporaries staffing agency owner and CEO, Donna Fitzgerald, as a means of “giving back” and helping other would-be entrepreneurs.

Fitzgerald’s vision was to provide $10,000 seed money to help either a new business expand, or a proposed business get off the ground. The main objective was to provide funding for the business to be able to hire at least one new person.

While Heartank received many promising applications, Collette’s was the one which had all the ingredients for success, while also meeting the award criteria and all requirements.

Collette, who has Down’s syndrome, began her career with the hopes of simply landing a job. However, she found there were many obstacles along the way for people with disabilities. Undeterred, she decided she would start her own company and hire people with “special abilities.”

It was after that experience that she successfully launched Collettey’s Cookies, based in the North End of Boston.

With the Heartank seed money, Collette was able to purchase new storage and containers for her products and prepared cookies. This allowed her company to work with larger volumes and get better prices for ingredients, and set the stage for a successful expansion. And, the best part of all was that she was also able to hire two new staff members, with special abilities.

In March, we reported that the, ‘The Amazing Cookie’, which features, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon, and a secret recipe, had been voted top cookie for Collette’s North End company.

Well, there is a new scrumptious treat on its way, which may actually rival The Amazing Cookie. Collette has been working on a very special Healthy Breakfast Cookie, made with oats, almonds, raisins, honey and love! Items you won’t find in the newest addition include white sugar, white flour, or butter. The new cookie will be the perfect companion to a cup of coffee or spot of tea. The healthy delicacy should be available soon.

As for Heartank’s part, Donna said that being able to make a difference in Collette’s entrepreneurial venture “has been priceless.”

You can order cookies, or learn more about Collettey’s Cookies here.

To learn more about Heartank, and how you can participate or support the organization click here.