The answer is simple, Massachusetts resident, Collette Divitto, of course!

The young owner of Collettey’s Cookies was the first official 2017 recipient of the Heartank Entrepreneur award. In addition, Divitto was also one of the presenters and representatives of a recent United Nations event in New York.

Heartank (pronounced Heart tank), a Boston-based non-profit organization, was founded in 2016 by local business owner, Donna Fitzgerald as a means of giving back to the community. As the owner of Contemporaries staffing agency, Fitzgerald knew firsthand how hard it was to secure even minimal funding when starting out. She established Heartank as a means of encouraging new and would-be entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. The nonprofit’s mission was to help provide the necessary seed money that would allow an individual to either start a business venture or grow and expand a recently established one.

While there were many excellent proposals submitted to Heartank from applicants, Fitzgerald said that Divitto’s was the best, having met all of the required criteria for the $10,000 award.

The Heartank honoree, Fitzgerald added, showed the same kind of drive, work ethic and perseverance that helped the Boston native turn her own dream into a multi-million dollar agency, serving the Greater Boston area for the last 20 years. Fitzgerald predicted Divitto would continue to enjoy success in many different areas because of her winning attitude.

In fact, during a recent event held at the United Nations, Divitto served as a “Star Ambassador,” for the March 2018 World Down Syndrome Day activities. She represented the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, and presented on the theme, “What I Bring to the Workplace.”

Divitto, who has Down Syndrome, was unable to find a job and instead, opted to start her own business and employ others with “special abilities.”

Fitzgerald said she was very happy Heartank was able to help Divitto further her business venture. The Boston business owner also added that she’d like to see Heartank grow and expand as well to provide more recipients with the kind of advice, guidance and financial support that may mean the difference between an unrealized dream and the next great success story.


Article first published at by Samantha Scott

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.