Have you been thinking about starting a service or opening a business in the Boston area, but haven’t been able to come up with even the “seed money” or boot strap funding to get the idea off the ground? Or, are you looking to hire another employee for your newly established business? The recently formed non-profit, grass roots organization Heartank (pronounced heart tank) may be able to help.

Founded earlier this year by Boston native, Donna Fitzgerald, Heartank was created as a means of giving back to the community and helping others succeed.

Potential entrepreneurs, who reside in Boston and want to start a business in a local neighborhood, are encouraged to apply for a $10,000 “seed money” award. In addition, business owners who are in their first year of operation, and need the additional “bootstrap” funds to expand, will also be eligible for the awards. Those owners, however, must have a least one additional employee besides themselves, or want to expand by hiring one or more employees. The Heartank group expects to provide at least four such awards during each calendar year.

The aim of the organization is to give new or promising potential business owners, the opportunity to present their plans for a local business, before a panel of ‘Heartank’ advisors, who will offer support and possible funding.  Presentations will take place four times a year in different parts of the city.  The Heartank panel will offer thoughts on each of the ideas presented and award $10,000 per meeting to the resident entrepreneur with the best presentation and promise of success.

To share your idea, just follow this link and request a short submission form. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 16 with the first awards to be given this fall.


Starter Form

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Heartank has gone city wide! The fall award of $10,000 in “seed money” is now open to residents from across all of Boston’s neighborhoods.   If you are a would-be entrepreneur looking to open a business in Boston, send us your idea.  The deadline for submissions is...

23 days left!

There are just 23 days left to submit your idea to Heartank.  The $10,000 award of boot-strap funding for a Boston to be based in Jamaica Plain or Roxbury ends soon. Click to receive your starter kit today!